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I have had the pleasure of working along side Nikki for four years at El Refugio Costa Ballena. Nikki has many incredible qualities but most impressive is her exceptional talent when it comes to managing people in any situation. She is straight forward, diplomatic and an all around great leader. As far as communications, she has done everything from creating our website, setting up our social media, writing newsletters and grant proposals, email communications, copywriting, documenting our policies and procedures, you name it, she has put her stamp on it. She has been instrumental in helping us grow our organization to the point it is today, due in large part to her passion, dedication, and her incredible way with people. She has a gift for seeing what needs to be accomplished, rallying everyone around the project, leading people with a shared vision, and keeping everyone working together harmoniously even in the middle of difficult situations. She always seems to have the right words for the situation, and she has earned the respect of everyone throughout our organization and our community. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and for the amazing impact she has had on our organization!

Karolina Svoboda
Vice President, El Refugio Costa Ballena

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